Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blogging 2015 in Review - History of Penang Free School

View of Georgetown and Fort Cornwallis, Penang. 1846.
Watercolour painting by Charles Andrew Dyce, 354 x 514mm.
Credits: Irene Lim,  Sketches in the Straits, NUS 2003.
This blog was created in August this year and I was so pleased to have completed it.  This is because there is not much more to add. Job done.  This blog is for lovers of history, especially writing history.  More importantly I have put on record, digitally of course and available online (google) some well-researched history of the Penang Free School especially on its initial 100 years of existence.  Next year the school will celebrate its 200 years of existence which I look forward to because I hold a stake as a historian to keep alive in writing a tradition in historical research for future generations of the school to carry on  and  that despite the distant in time you still can time travel the past provided there are available evidences in print, pictures or living personalities to tell the story.  Writing this short history is also my way of joining the 200 years celebration,
As at today, the blog has received 1582 pageviews and growing.... (not bad for a "dry as dust" subject called "history"! )

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