Friday, December 4, 2015

Blogging 2015 in Review - Images of Bintulu Before and Now

King George the VI Memorial Ground - 60's era

Public Fountain in the new millenia
After blogging on Bintulu history for about five years (since 2010) this blog has received a total of 43,319 pageviews as at today, 4 Dec'15.  This blog is special because it is a rigorous approach to writing history that is at the same time  fun by comparing before and after pictures.  It is for this reason that I describe it as 'a pictorial history of Bintulu'.  Pictures tell lots more stories in their details and are very authentic as historical evidence, The pictures I selected and the short write-up that accompany them tell the Bintulu story prior its first economic boom (1979 -83) right on till the fourth economic  boom (2010 - 2015).  Please follow this link on my latest posting about the King George the VI Memorial Ground before and what it is like now by following the blog's link ...>>>

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