Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blogging 2015 in Review - The Kambatik Park, Bintulu

Little Spiderhunter at the Yellow Ixora bush
This blog started in 2013 and has received good response ever since with an average of 60 pageviews per day. As at point of writing it has surpassed the major psychological barrier of 50,000 pageviews. I started to seriously write and take photographs of this nature park in order to document the myriad of wildlife and forest ecology here. At the park it was another period of going back to school and with the curiosity of a child. More specifically I'm learning on the need and the means to create urban forests for the future Bintulu city starting my very own nature park. The natural surroundings are well-preserved and can be emulated in urban regions in Bintulu and other towns/cities of Sarawak that do not have proper green belt, dedicated urban nature corridors and zoned wildlife passageways, or just simple open green spaces or buffers. The whole idea is to landscape the towns and cities of Sarawak not just for beautification purpose like what is practised now, but for more far-reaching ecological improvements like bringing nature back to urban communities and the preservation of wildlife which should be the litmus test of our attempts to green our cities and towns. The adventure continues…..

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