Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blogging 2015 in Review - Laman Kambatik Plants lists

Fagraea fragrans (Tembusu - Malay) 

Pterocarpus indicus (Sena/Angsana - Malay)
 One of my top five blogs is about plants.  I started this blog in mid 2009 and over the years have been gradually improved in content, pictures,  cross-indexing (using labels) and editions.   The latest version is called ' Laman Kambatik Plants list (4th Ed.)'.  The whole idea about these bogs is my attempt to make a compilation of all the plants I capture using various camera types for study and inspiration.  The collection of images is in my pursuit for a comprehensive list of tropical plants suitable for use in the Malaysian garden which I named as ' Laman Kambatik' or the Kambatik garden.  The list will continue to grow as and when I stumble upon new plants.  I have a great passion for plants.  At the point writing  the number of pageviews for the four editions are as follows:
1) Laman Kambatik Plants list (4th Ed.) = 14,159 pageviews
2) Laman Kambatik Plants list (3rd Ed.) = 213,662 pageviews
3) All the Plants (2nd Ed.) = 31,390 pageviews
4) All the Plants (1st Ed.) = 54,963 pageviews
                                  Total = 314,174 pageviews 

Bougainvillea 'Mrs Eva' - (Bunga Kertas -Malay)
In order to provide a fairly good idea for viewers on the application of the plants for the Malaysian garden or other landscaping spaces,  I have tried my best to photograph the plants in various angles or context , like CU (close-up), MS (medium shot) and LS (long shot).  I am very happy to note that interests to find names of tropical plants suitable for the Malaysian garden has a world wide appeal.

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