Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blogging 2015 in Review - Living the Bintulu story

A high point in public volunteerism especially in  living the Bintulu story as President for BIFA  during the intervening period of the frist and second economic boom of Bintulu.

It was just about two months ago that I decided to compile all the scattered blog postings I did into one blog but with a difference. The blog is called 'Living the Bintulu story'. It is a discipline that I put onto myself to ensure that my interest to write a full history of Bintulu is kept warm and wanting. More specifically I want to put the history of Bintulu in a context that is meaningful to me first and foremost as a writer. For that matter, I am blessed because I'm living the times.  Secondly, I need to consistently keep up with finding or 'digging' more facts through whatever sources that present themselves and write the developmental story of Bintulu within the confines of a periodisation scheme that I created. Next year will be the beginning of what I call the 'Millenial era' for Bintulu. This Millenia era as far as I can see at this stage will be expanded into the 'Industrial decade' and subsequently the ' Post-Industrial era'. For instance I did a lot of volunteer work during the intervening period of the first and second boom. During the fourth boom I began to put my mind into conceptual thinking of the Malaysian garden, ecological farming, nature park, and more history writing. I see next year ( start of the Millenial era) as a busy year for even more research, writing and blogging on the evolution of a millenial society in Bintulu. All these efforts to ensure that I come closer and closer towards writing the full history of Bintulu – 'Sleepy no more'.

(Note : As at date of writing this blog has garnered a total on 1,084 pageviews)

More research and blogging for the Bintulu story in the Millenial era - especially on the evolution of the Bintulu millenial society during the 'industrail decade' (2016 onwards...)

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