Monday, December 21, 2015

Blogging 2015 in review - MOOD Creative Expression

Next year this painting  will be more than 40 years old.  This makes it the oldest dated artwork by a local Bintulu artist for the record purpose.

'Spray of flowers'  watercolour painting in artist collection.  This painting is still in fine condition and safe-keeping.
It is nice when you can locate all your creativity in one place.  I did this for my blog entitled " MOOD Creative Expressions".  The blog keeps a picture of my earliest dated 1968 watercolour piece which is surprisingly about an alien landscape!  Fast forward many-many years on, the blog keeps track of my other art works in various medium - batik, crayon, oils, paint, pen and wash, felt pen, and of late photography and digital art works that can be accessed 24x7. Creativity doe not stop at painting.  The blog also keeps record of my other creative endeavours like development of nature parks and the Malaysian garden (Kambatik garden) projects. as well as daily cut flowers or floral arrangement in the Kambatik-style, poetry and video production.  Such is the beauty of the internet.

As at date of review, the blog has garnered  730  pageviews.

What does 2016 hold for MOOD creative expression? ........

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