Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Blogging 2015 in Review - my Landscaping projects

Pink to light purple curtains provided by the Congea velutina
This blog is dedicated to the practice of the Malaysian garden called the 'Kambatik garden' or Laman Kambatik in Malay.  The main entries in the blogs are stories about the progress of the Kambatik garden as it is developed in a residential plot in Kuching from start to maturity.   Started in 2008, the blog has garnered a total of 13,400 pageviews at the point of writing.  Over the years the objective of gardening in the Kambatik style is well achieved in the scores of wildlife that are attracted to the garden and for many calling it home. For a better  understanding of the Kambatik garden in Kuching follow this link ....>>>>

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