Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Malaysian garden in Kuching (Malaysia Day article #6)

Main garden in August'2015

Coleus corner in  July 2009
 Since 2008 I have developed a Malaysian garden based on the 'Kambatik garden' or 'Laman Kambatik' concept in our own residential lot in Kuching.  Eight years down the road, this moderate-sized urban garden is now at a mature stage especially in its soft landscaping features.   Visitors at the front garden will be greeted by exotic palms, bamboos and colourful climbers.  Inside the main garden area, flowering trees of the Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea) and Golden Penda ( Xanthostemon chrysanthus) provides sufficient shade and coolness to the garden environment especially on hot sunny days. The garden colours are provided by a diverse range of foliage plants like the coleus, crotons, blood bananas and Red Ti.  Palms are everywhere for the exotic tropical look they offer.  There is fragrance in the air as one could smell the scents of the frangipanis, jasmines, spider lilies, roses, white ginger lilies and cempakas (Michelia alba) .  Many fruit trees are planted and the edible landscaping list (Sara landskap) include starfruit, coconut, lemon, mangoes, 'kedondong' (Spondias dulcis) and ciku (Manilkara zapota). Recently the Congea velutina  vines have created a crowning glory and a  cascading curtain of pink to purple flowers against the garden greenery.  Creating the garden has given me tons of pleasure and blogging about it has helped me do much research and sharpen my understanding on the concept of the Malaysian garden.. The Malaysian garden has many benefits which is difficult to arrange in their degree of importance.  Among them are the creation of a cool micro-climate around the house, a sanctuary for wildlife especially birds, butterflies and insects, fresh food and fruits from the garden, herbs, spices, and vegetables, the sense of aesthetics like in the sweet fragrance of flowers and the art of  floral arrangement with flowers, leaves and stems. Finally, having your very own Laman Kambatik  helps make a difference in your lifestyle by providing much needed balance in your living environment with nature around you instead of just concrete jungle.

Happy Malaysia Day Sarawak!

Note: This is Article #6 in a series to celebrate Malaysia's national day (Malaysia Day) - 16 Sept  annually)
Front garden in November, 2014.  Note the various palm trees to provide the tropical exotic feel to the place.

Olive-backed Sunbird builds its nest in the back garden on the Eugenia oleina tree.

Crowning glory and cascading curtain of pink to purple flowers of the Congea velutina at the back side garden. as seen in August 2016.

Back garden in May,2016.
Drunken Sailor or Quisqualis indica flowering heavy at the front porch area, May 2016.

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