Friday, September 9, 2016

The ever popular Reservoir Park in Kuching (Malaysia Day article #9)

View of Reservoir Park taken in August 2016.  The park is located a few hundred meters from the bustling Kuching Waterfront area.

There is one particular place in Kuching that keeps on drawing its city dwellers daily for short runs, jogging, casual walks, outdoor recreational activities with children, wedding photo-taking and a cool place for dating among teenagers.  The Kuching Reservoir Park built more than one hundred years ago to store and filter water for the town's population then, continues today as a community-driven urban park.  Visitors to the city especially tourists could be seen jogging around its circuitous running tracks under the shade of tall and spreading native trees like the 'Bintagor Laut', 'Penanga Laut', 'Tembusu' and 'Angsana'. The lush greenery around the lake provides for a peaceful and serene surrounding.  There is a red Japanese bridge that remains iconic of the park.  The green environment has become a magnate for many kinds of wildlife especially birds. Thirty four years ago I  took a day outing with my family to the park and spent a most memorable time doing a painting of the park in mixed media. (See painting below).  What caught my eyes on the 4th of June, 1982 were the colourful water lilies, the red bridge, tall trees and the light rays that shone through the trees and brightened the lake of waterlilies.   In August 2016, I dropped by at the park again and found it well patronised by peoples of all ages, ethnic groups and nationalities.  It is really a popular city park  now.  The park holds a special place in my heart because at least I can tell my children and grand children that "We were here". 

Happy Malaysia Day Sarawak!

 (Note: This is Article #9 in a series to celebrate Malaysia's national day (Malaysia Day) - 16 Sept  annually)

'Kuching Reservoir Park' in mixed media (water colour, felt pen and crayons),  4 June, 1982, 22x29 cm,
 Artist Collection.

A picture of the park taken in 2009, by which time the water lilies were already gone.

A photo rendart done by me in 2013 of the park.
For more samples of photo rendart I did please follow this link ...>>>.

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